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Hi designers, We are here to play a little design game. Please join. I promise it's fun! And, there would be a winner walking out with a price! The rule of the game: 1. Take a photo of any numbers that you can find in your daily life from 1-31 and upload it 2. You could add your name on the photo for the copyright 3. We will choose a photo daily and add them on the public calender everyday....
1 $99.00
Use -- Business Logo for use on business cards, letterhead, webpage, signs and T-shirts. Logo must have versions which are able to be printed on a light or dark background. Company Description -- Calworks is a residential renovation company specializing in high end finish projects including bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor kitchens, decks, and laundry rooms. The Calworks business model is built on ...
77 $199.00
Moving Forward Staging and Organizing Solutions Colours: black and emerald or blue and green Font: Calamity Jane open to other possibilities Moving Forward Staging and Organizing Solutions is a company that stages andor organizes homes. Staging is the art of preparing a home for sale. This involves making a home appeal to a widest variety of potential buyers for a faster sale with the best poss...
115 $109.00
Logo needed for Restaurant ~ Big E's BBQ and more. *open to any font; the client is partial to cursive writing *open to any character creation *the E needs to be prominent *its colors should be red, black and white this is for an American Style BBQ restaurant - if anyone wants to use a bull, bulls horns, a pig or something like that - go for it. I
54 $125.00
Carman Auto Club is a car dealership that specialize on leasing and selling reliable 2nd hand vehicles. The Logo is to be used on a light box, a business card, and as letter heads. Design should focus on some of the following points, - Simple and recognizable - Can feature letters "CAC" But not necessarily a requirement. - Clearly readable from a distance - Include text 'Ca...
106 $99.00
My name is Pierre Le Brasseur I'm costume designer Ballgown like Dance with star or figure skating dress with rhinestones and feather My website is Dancesportdesign I would like to have something pure with stylized lines which gives a look of luxury Work with the PLB letters Complementary color yellow and purple or any other suggestion on your part. Our creations have a lot of movement So I...
229 $179.00
Duan's is a chain business store for car services. Mainly, we carry vehicle batteries and also most popular batteries; we sell lubricating oil and tires. We have wholesale store and retail stores. Duan is the family name of the business onwer. We would like to see the logo either showing the name of "duan's" or something related with car service; something with power, speed, and outstanding kno...
73 $109.00
Looking for a fresh clean cut logo. The logo should only read the text "Urban Spaces". No abbreviations. We are a commercial builderrenovator. We would prefer a logo that is more landscape oriented than a portrait oriented. We do not want to see any houses or house silhouettes in the logo as we only deal with commercial properties.
136 $125.00
we are trying to start a designated driving service in houston. You have driven somewhere and gotten drunk. You know you should not drive. You could take the bus or a cab. However, that leaves your car behind. You need your car in the morning. What to do? Risk it? Please dont drink and drive someone needs you. call us, we send out two drivers to your location. One driver jumps in your car with ...
120 $109.00
I need a logo design for my Christian Company. The companies name is Soul Victor and the idea behind it is winning souls for Christ. I dont mind clouds or crosses, but I'm definitely open to creative ideas!
57 $99.00
Please make me a logo with Language Translation and Interpretation Subject! Thanks
68 $99.00
I am an Entrepreneur and I am looking for a logo to identify my brand me to my prospective business contacts. The logo will be my name Jenn Gerlitz. I am looking for something professional but sleek and sexy like an expensive sports car hip with just a touch of funk. I love reds, fuscias, charcoals for color and I love a beautiful flowing elegant font that is easy to ready but conveys a sens...
27 $109.00
The logo will represent a company involved in the painting of large aircraft. The parameters of the logo are an output of 8 inches X 10 inches at a resolution of 2400 dpi in Adobe illustrator accompanied with a JPG and PNG source doc. The main theme is the Caribbean colours. There shall be NO gradients or thin lines and a maximum of 4 colours including black.The use of aircraft is limited to...
90 $199.00
I need an eye catching logo for my business. I make and sell gluten free cake mixes, pancake and waffle mixes, and a gluten free flour blend. I also make cakes and cupcakes and donuts for customers. Our motto is because one is never enough. I really don't have any ideas as to what the logo should look like but I would really like to make sure people know my products are gluten free.
33 $99.00
Specializing in Basements, kitchens, bathrooms. We also do Decks, fences, and additional potlights Shayne Haylett tel. 905 407 6613 email
36 $99.00
Hello, We are a new Canadian Company that needs a logo for use on Business Cards, Invoices and Merchandise etc... The logo has to be simple we must be able to use it in black and white and in the main colour's Blue, Red, Yellow. The company operates as a IT Service and Computer Sales Company so the logo should reflect this, as well as a have First Nations sorta flare to it but maintain a ...
22 $99.00
The Fly By Night Cycling Club FBNCCis looking for a logo to put on our custom cycling jerseys. It should incorporate a bicycle!, and perhaps the themes of night ?moon and flight?wingsin a crest type logo, as well as the club name or initials FBNCC. Or surprise us.
99 $199.00
- Simple. - Aircraft. - "Propulsion Bound" underline with an aircraft departure. - The main functions of the company are aircraft maintenance Quality Assurance,safety promotion and risk management. - Lime green or black for "Propultion Bound" and blue for the underlining aircraft swoosh departure left to right...
75 $99.00
43 $99.00
Looking for a logo design that can be used for business cards, website, shirts and hats. Corrugated Manufacturing Company of Shipping and die cut cartons.
130 $119.00