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work it cardio is a fitness studio full of energy !! I would like to keep the W with the dot over right side , but I feel it needs something more . i like greens,orange purples and teal colors.
82 $119.00
20111222125743735 pronounced spender is a new ecommerce store we are launching soon. I would like the logo to mainly be the words itself as opposed to having another design element be the focal point. This is mainly because our spelling of the word is not clear so we must brand the mis-spelled word instead like FIVERR.COM Any extra design element should have to do with money think $PNDER.CO...
56 $109.00
The company is an accounting bookkeeping business. Looking for a clean cut logo. Really like the entries for the following past logo. #1260 Logo for Virtual Solutions The logo must be able to be printed on a white background.
97 $125.00
The company name is : TRINITY ADVISORS CH We are a new investors in Weather related investments, dealing with Insurance of Natural Catastrophe events around the world. We are keen to structure our logo using a Pentagram shape. All ideas are welcome and we would like to have a logo that is clean, simple and inspiring. We look forward to your work!
146 $110.00
Primeq Realty Inc is a real estate brokerage firm. Primeq pronouned prime-eck, as in prime equity is a new company set to open in Feb 2012. I'm looking for a clear and simple logo with limited artwork. The logo should spell out Primeq Realty not necessary to include Inc but would like to see some examples with it in. I would like to limit the logo to 2 or 3 colors max. If using all caps, I ...
112 $150.00
We are a new science company looking for a logo to reflect creativity, innovation and novelty. We currently have a product that will revolutionize the way scientist will do research and soon other product will follow. The logo should reflect something new and unique. I wanted to get the name Katalyst Research in vector form. The letter K should be a calligraphy K something like the attached th...
30 $99.00
Sedona Lifestyles is a small Toronto based builder that focuses on infill projects - Infill projects occur in areas that are going through revitalization or areas that need intensification because of increasing population or changing demographics. An example Sedona might buy 6 old wooden houses on large lots and create a community of 20 brand new town homes for young families. Sedona has bought...
81 $149.00
Good morning: We are a start up company of Occupational Health and Safety professionals. Our company is called The WISE Group inc. Coincidently, we are 3 women and wise has more than one meaning also women in safety engineering. We are a full servince consulting firm offering safety management system consulting, proactive health consulting, wcb management and program auditing. We are also all t...
49 $99.00
TKR Developments Ltd is a multifaceted real estate venture company. We work with our clients from the conception stage to full construction of their homes in the highly sought after West Vancouver and West Side of Vancouver Real Estate markets. We also work with real estate investors to develop income producing properties. We are looking for a logo that is professional, elegant and understated ...
112 $99.00
'du Bois Rouge' is the name of our breeding program, the name is French. Translated to English it means 'of the Red Wood.' We are breeders of working-line Belgian Malinois. Belgian Malinois are the most popular dogs used for police, military and personal protection services. We are seeking a logo that is simple, natural and hip. We envision a logo that combines both the dog and the redwood... a...
75 $199.00
We require a new logo as we change our URL to Our new site will enable patientclients to inexpensively find and access online counseling professionals and receive HD video counseling sessions through our site. You may see our site for reference at the old web address The new site will use the same footprint and color scheme as the new sit...
129 $209.00
Housing - Transitions and Lifestyle Consulting Housing- TLC is a consulting company that specializes in the 55+ housing market. Housing - TLC works with realtors, financial professionals,builders and retirement residences to help them understand and deal more effectively with the 55+ housing consumer. Housing - TLC provides market research and specialized training programs The logo should refle...
48 $149.00
I would like to have a logo designed for a photography business using my name. My name is Marijke Hennink am not too worried about including my last name in the main logo, and my website is Marijke backwards. I like the mirror image of my name, and am looking to use both the mirror image spelling ekjiram with backwards letters with my website info, but also using the same logo to spe...
115 $109.00
Curree short for Currency. The project if for the logo. Curree is a Business to Consumer site that makes transacting and finding great businesses easy.
106 $199.00
DiginDigin Tribal Coach Logo Strap line - Critical skills for catapulting your coaching business Tribal Coach is a special small group intensive coaching system for expanding your business practice online Tribal Coach was created to address the needs of service based professionals and organizations to catapult their businesses online. Our focus is to use a small group intensive coaching experie...
72 $150.00
Please take a look at our site avetex furniture . com Logo will be used on the site header, and also in print media Looking for modern design. But not too modern. Something glamorous
174 $249.00
please find the twin-tree logo attached. same idea but it needs to be re-designed. the company name is Twin Tree. the idea is 2 trees standing together. the ideal result has to be original and elegant. i find that using artistic elements in the logo, such as art brush, nature texture would be appreciated.
67 $99.00
- We are trying to make the premature babies admitted to our intensive care unit and their families more welcomed - like the hospital is their second home. We want them to fell supported, part of a team that has for sole goal, their well-being and the one of their developing child. The logo has to include the term: SDD soins du développement = developmental care in french It has to be: ...
69 $109.00
Looking for a logo for a new webshop called "Naturally Canada" that we intend to open in Japan in the near future. It will be a webshop that exclusively sells Canadian goods in the Japanese market. We came up with a logo concept attached but are looking for a designer to make something better as the hand image is from clip art. Our target audience includes families with small kids, mothe...
143 $149.00
We need a logo for our new company Called Dr Ink. We sell and refill inkjet and laser cartridges. We are looking for a logo with these ideas... A cartoon doctor ... with either seringue .... ink ... cartridges ... This logo will be used on boxes ... business cards .... flyer... website ... We need something unique ...
109 $145.00